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This course distills nearly 15 years of on-the-ground experience into a two-hour primer on the systemic issues driving "The Modern Homelessness Crisis," the predictable ways in which local communities have failed to mount an effective response, and proven strategies and frameworks to rapidly drive change in your community. 


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Course Benefits:


  • Over 60%¬†of¬†course content is focused on concrete strategies and next steps you can immediately implement in your community
  • The remaining 40% is background and analysis that is unlike any other training currently available
  • A deeper dive on "STEPS AHEAD" and how to use it¬†to guide strategic planning in your community¬†
  • Highlights of best practices from across the country
  • New collateral not available on the regular website to support community engagement¬†
  • A free download of¬†So You Want to Solve Homelessness? Start Here,¬†the book that¬†led to this training course


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What Are People Saying?

Tom Liao, Community Development Director:

"This training provides fresh and clearly presented background, insights and recommendations for the public sector to absorb and re-think their strategies in addressing one of the most vexing, long-standing policy issues in the United States. It is a welcome educational and advocacy tool for our times."

Thai Hilton, Analyst, County Department of Health Services:

"I have worked in homelessness for over 10 years. Homelessness is a complex issue with many interconnected systems. This course is a great way to get a foundational understand of homelessness and to avoid some of the common pitfalls that leaders make. If you want to address homelessness in your community and don’t know where to start, this course is the place."

Sheri Joseph, Affordable Housing Funder, Non-Profit Board Member:

"This was a hugely useful series. I particularly appreciated the explanations on the complicated funding options, and the breakdown into achievable steps. A great summary, both empathetic and practical."

Jim Schutz, Retired City Manager:

"If you've ever wanted to throw up your hands and give up on solving homelessness, this is the training course for you. Andrew provides a clear-eyed assessment of how we got here and the specific steps that will lead to real results in any community."

Your Instructor:


Andrew Hening has been working to end homelessness in California for nearly 15 years, which has included:

  • Direct service through AmeriCorps VISTA, street outreach, and frontline case management
  • Managing a growing nonprofit organization
  • Holding an executive level position in city government
  • Being named top national influencer in local government
  • Overseeing $200M in financial planning and modeling
  • Leading¬†$100M in permanent and interim housing projects
  • Teaching "Systems Thinking" course at UC Berkeley
  • Publishing ¬†So You Want to Solve Homelessness? Start Here

Andrew has held all of the roles and experienced all of the blindspots. This course is what he wish he had known on "Day One."

Questions + Answers:

Feedback from Civic Leaders:

Stephen Sotomayor, Housing Director:

‚ÄúNavigating the multifaceted landscape of homeless care services demands a substantial investment of time and understanding. This training offers a rapid ascent to the forefront of knowledge, serving as an express guide through the intricacies of the field. What sets this course apart is its dual approach: it not only brings clarity to the complexities of our systems of care but also equips participants with practical, actionable strategies that can be applied instantaneously. It's both a comprehensive manual and a strategic playbook.‚ÄĚ

Ken Shapiro, Former Deputy Director, Health & Human Services:

"Andrew was indispensable to our work implementing Housing First policies.  His in-depth knowledge of the latest research in the field combined with his deep systems thinking and knowledge were a big part of our success.  This primer is an excellent way to get up to speed on how to solve homelessness."

Kate Colin, Mayor:

"Andrew is the rare leader who can do it all - strategy, project management, relationship building, communications. Just as importantly, he is approachable, open to the ideas of others and brings out the best in the people around him."

Beth Pollard, Retired City Manager:

"An engaging, comprehensive and practical roadmap that synthesizes insights, strategies, and steps to end homelessness throughout the country. Andrew has made real progress achievable."

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