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Thank you so much for helping us a build a shared path forward for ending homelessness in our country. Revenue from this course will be immediately reinvested into creating new research, trainings, and collateral. 

What People Are Saying:

Andrew has been critical in transforming our community’s approach to homelessness - the strategy, the partnerships, and the community conversation. If it weren’t for his leadership, we wouldn’t be seeing the reductions in homelessness that we’re now observing.

Katie Rice, County Supervisor

Navigating the multifaceted landscape of homeless care services demands a substantial investment of time and understanding. This training offers a rapid ascent to the forefront of knowledge, serving as an express guide through the intricacies of the field. What sets this course apart is its dual approach: it not only brings clarity to the complexities of our systems of care but also equips participants with practical, actionable strategies that can be applied instantaneously. It's both a comprehensive manual and a strategic playbook.

Stephen Sotomayor, Housing Director

This training provides fresh and clearly presented background, insights and recommendations for the public sector to absorb and re-think their strategies in addressing one of the most vexing, long-standing policy issues in the United States. It is a welcome educational and advocacy tool for our times.

Tom Liao, Community Development Director